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Clearinghouse President & CEO Rick Torres Discusses the Future of Digital Credentials

Oct 4, 2016 | In the News

Clearinghouse President and CEO Rick Torres recently spoke with The EvoLLLution, an online higher education publication, to reflect on the capacity for digital credentials to shake up both the for-credit and non-credit credentialing space and share his thoughts on major roadblocks hindering wider adoption.

Rick discusses three key points:

  • Digital credentials are virtual, transferable and widely understood as forms of traditional credentials;
  • A robust digital credentials landscape could improve transferability at every level; and
  • The major roadblocks standing in the way of a widespread digital credential environment.

Read the Q/A interview.

“In 10 years, digital credentials are going to be easy to produce, easy to create and many people are going to have them. The question is going to be how well they will be adopted by folks that currently go through other means to validate the authenticity of a claimed certificate, certification, degree or outcome.”

Rick Torres
Clearinghouse President & CEO