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Hiring an unqualified employee can threaten your organization’s reputation and security. Not only does it lead to higher turnover and greater recruiting, replacement expense, it can cost you business and expose you to liability risks.

What you don’t know about your customers can also cost you. You need assurance that the student customers and recent graduates redeeming your high value promotions and discounts are qualified to receive them. Otherwise, your special offers are at risk of abuse and your ability to reach student consumers may be off target.

The DegreeVerify Solution

DegreeVerify℠ — the nation’s source for accurate degree data — provides immediate online verifications of college degrees and attendance. Verifying education online is one of the most inexpensive, easiest, and fastest ways you can validate degree title, award date, attendance, and more. DegreeVerify provides prompt access to the largest number of degree and attendance records and eliminates the complications and delays associated with manual processing through individual schools. With DegreeVerify, you reduce your risk and cost of making bad hiring decisions as well as ensure only verified eligible student customers receive your high-value offers, so they aren’t exploited and your marketing dollars aren’t wasted.

What DegreeVerify Includes

  • Immediate online degree verifications
  • Nationwide coverage of U.S. degrees and attendance records
  • Account summaries and detailed records of each verification
  • Ability to process multiple verifications in one session
  • Discounted degree verifications available for accountholders
  • Integrated Web services option for high-volume requestors

Why Put DegreeVerify to Work for You

  • Greater convenience
  • 24/7 access to our comprehensive U.S. college student record database
  • Reduced costs and greater time savings
  • Improved fraud detection
  • Speedy verifications
  • Eliminates manual processing and duplicate verifications among your staff

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