DegreeVerify for Background Screeners

It’s a nightmare scenario. One of your employees commits fraud or other unethical acts that cost your company a large business deal, drives away high-profile clients, or results in an investigation or bad publicity.

To make matters worse, you find out the employee lied about where he went to college or what degree he earned. People start to wonder how your company missed such an important detail about its own employee – and if they can trust you with their business.

Hiring an employee with the right credentials is essential to your company’s reputation and security. The consequences of degree fraud are serious and expensive to fix.

The DegreeVerify Solution

You need DegreeVerify from the National Student Clearinghouse. DegreeVerify leverages the Clearinghouse’s unique relationship with thousands of colleges and universities to provide background screeners with an immediate, accurate, and cost-effective tool for confirming a job applicant’s degree status. That’s why thousands of the nation’s biggest employers, recruiters, and background search firms work with us to perform secure academic verifications.

What We Offer You

Three important words define us – size, speed, scope. DegreeVerify covers over 96 percent of U.S. four-year degrees. In a matter of minutes, you get access to important academic data, including degree title, award date, and attendance period.

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Make Your First Call the Right Call

Over 2,600 schools participate in DegreeVerify and refer degree verification requests to us, which means that contacting schools directly is an unnecessary step. With DegreeVerify, you can immediately confirm degree and attendance data and eliminate delays resulting from contacting multiple schools directly.

Get in the Know

The Clearinghouse is the nation’s trusted source for education verification, relied on by thousands of businesses and organizations for one reason: Our data comes directly from the schools themselves.

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