DiplomaVerify Now Used by More Than 800 High Schools Nationwide!

Oct 12, 2021 | Education Verification Resources

DiplomaVerifySM allows employers and background screeners to request high school verifications online and receive immediate confirmations, with 24/7 access to diploma verifications — even when high school offices are closed.

Now, more than 800 high schools nationwide are using DiplomaVerify, including three of the 10 largest school districts in the country, and high schools from 36 states, including California, Texas, Maryland, and Florida.

In addition, we recently added our first large consortium that covers more than 33 high schools nationwide. Our pipeline of high schools is growing regularly, and we look forward to fulfilling your screeners and employers’ needs for instant verifications by adding more schools from all 50 states!

Watch our video to learn more about DiplomaVerify, and click here to access the participating school list.

Contact us today at verifications@studentclearinghouse.org to add DiplomaVerify to your Clearinghouse account.

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