EnrollmentVerify – Online Student Enrollment Verification Services

e-iconThe Student Market Challenge

How can you be confident that each consumer who applies for a special offer or promotion is actually a current student? Nearly half of all students retain their college email address long after they graduate or leave school. If the only proof of enrollment you require is a .edu address or your customers’ word, your promotion is exposed to abuse and you’re wasting resources on the wrong applicant. Successfully reaching college students with discounts and other offers can help companies increase brand awareness, and transform young consumers entering the marketplace into lifelong, loyal customers. Therefore, verifying student status is crucial to protecting your student offers from misuse.

The EnrollmentVerify Solution

Thousands of postsecondary institutions participate in EnrollmentVerify℠ making the Clearinghouse the trusted private source for U.S. college enrollment data. EnrollmentVerify is designed to fulfill the verification requirements of companies that offer products or services requiring proof of a student’s enrollment status. Our service eliminates the costs and delays caused by contacting multiple schools directly.

EnrollmentVerify Includes

  • Immediate online enrollment verifications
  • Coverage of nearly all U.S. postsecondary students
  • Account summaries and detailed records of each verification
  • Discounted enrollment verifications available for accountholders
  • Integrated Web services option for high volume requestors

Why Put EnrollmentVerify to Work for You

  • Ability to offer more robust discounts or promotions
  • Confidence that your special offers aren’t being abused
  • Qualify new consumers for unique offers early in their life cycle
  • Greater convenience
  • 24/7 availability
  • Speedy verifications
  • Reduced costs and greater time savings

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