EnrollmentVerify for E-Commerce

“EnrollmentVerify helps us at Killington provide immediate service to our college pass holders. Guests who attend institutions that participate in EnrollmentVerify are able to pick up their season passes when they purchase them – where our guests who attend institutions that don’t participate need a sealed letter from the institution stating their full-time status. Being a full-time college student can be very stressful. They value their free time, and anything that makes it easier on them will make them happier with their institution and Killington.” 

Jordan Spear, Tickets/Guest Services Manager | Killington Resort | Pico Mountain

College students represent an important and growing online consumer group. They’re at an age where they’re establishing their own identities and ideas, and are open to attractive discounts and promotions tailored to them. If you can reach college students with special offers early on, you stand a good chance of building long-term brand loyalty.

But to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to properly and fully verify students’ enrollment status to make sure your marketing is on target and effective. That’s where the National Student Clearinghouse can help you.

ev-auto-sealThe EnrollmentVerify Solution

EnrollmentVerify represents 96 percent of currently enrolled U.S. students. We can help you qualify this valuable market demographic. By leveraging the Clearinghouse’s unique relationship with thousands of colleges and universities, you can immediately and accurately confirm students’ enrollment status. EnrollmentVerify eliminates wasted time and costs incurred by contacting multiple schools or applicants directly – while preventing unqualified customers from taking advantage of your discounts. That way you can focus on what you do best … getting new business.

A Tool for Qualifying Student Status

Online retailers like you offer an assortment of discounts and promotions tailored to college students. These initiatives increase brand awareness and can help transform young consumers just entering the marketplace into loyal customers for life. But discounts are just the start. To avoid abuse of your special offers and discounts, you need the accurate, secure, and immediate verifications provided by EnrollmentVerify.

Don’t Just Rely on .edu

Not long ago, it was enough to use .edu email addresses to verify students. But times have changed in several ways:

  • Today, nearly half of all students retain their college email addresses long after graduating or leaving school. So relying on just an address may result in your company devoting money and resources to individuals not eligible for your discounts or promotions.
  • There’s the threat of .edu fraud. Online hackers and other criminals have become more sophisticated in their methods of stealing legitimate .edu addresses or creating fake ones. If .edu addresses are all your company requires to prove enrollment, your discounts are vulnerable to abuse or online attack.
  • Relying on only .edu addresses can alienate potential customers. The process often involves several steps and can be lengthy. Students don’t have the patience for this dance and often decide to go to another retailer, costing you a possible sale. Does that describe your verification process?
  • Not all students have .edu addresses. When your discount requires such an address to qualify, you’re telling those without it that they don’t attend the “right” school and they might feel alienated and want to spend their money elsewhere.

Get in the Know

The Clearinghouse is the nation’s trusted source for education verification, relied on by thousands of businesses and organizations for one reason: Our data comes directly from the schools themselves.

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