GradVerify – College & Highest Level of Degree Verification

g-iconHelp Student Customers Graduate to the Next Stage

College graduation can be a turning point both in an individual’s education and his or her consumer status. But how do you know when your student customer has graduated and is ready to receive product/service offers from you that fit his or her new life stage? How do you ensure that your student customers remain your customers during this next transition?

The GradVerify Solution

GradVerify is the authoritative source for reliable graduation information because it draws on actual graduation data provided exclusively to the National Student Clearinghouse by over 2,500 colleges and universities nationwide. With GradVerify, you can immediately determine if your student customer has graduated and the highest degree they hold, ensuring that your outreach efforts are on target and protecting your promotions from fraud.

What GradVerify Includes

  • Up-to-date postsecondary graduation status
  • Nationwide coverage of U.S. degrees
  • Highest level of degree achieved
  • Current enrollment status, if available

Why Put GradVerify to Work for You

  • Confirm the graduation status of your student customers so you can extend special offers and promotions to them
  • Develop customer outreach strategies based on highest degree received
  • Manage your customer portfolio more effectively
  • Verify eligibility to receive new product opportunities for your student customers as they enter new life stages
  • Determine when your student customers are ready to receive upgraded offers

*GradVerify is only available through XML integration or batch transactions and a signed contract is required. For pricing, please contact

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