GradVerify for Auto Insurance Companies

Your company has worked hard to forge strong relationships with your student customers and introduce them to your full complement of auto insurance products and services. Now that they’re graduating, you don’t want to lose them as clients and let your efforts go to waste.

At the National Student Clearinghouse, we understand that college graduation is a huge transition in the life cycle of your customers – one that offers an excellent opportunity to introduce your student customers to a new array of products and services to suit this new stage of their lives. Thanks to our GradVerify solution, we can help you manage your student customer portfolio and maintain brand loyalty.

ev-auto-sealThe GradVerify Solution

GradVerify represents 96 percent of currently enrolled U.S. students. By leveraging the Clearinghouse’s unique relationship with thousands of colleges, GradVerify instantly and accurately confirms an applicant’s graduation status and highest level of degree achieved. This empowers you to verify your student customers’ eligibility and ensure your discounts are protected from fraud.

Enhanced Client Outreach Opportunities

Now that your student customers are entering a new life stage, you can offer a greater variety of auto insurance products. Maybe they’re looking to trade in that beat-up junker from high school for something sporty, and need to increase their coverage. Perhaps they need a more professional-looking vehicle befitting a new job and think it’s time to switch to a more responsible, “adult” insurance plan. Or maybe they’re looking at leasing instead of buying. GradVerify will provide you with the most up-to-date information to manage your student customer portfolio so you can offer them unique, specialized deals tailored to their needs.

Get in the Know

The Clearinghouse is the nation’s trusted source for education verification, relied on by thousands of businesses and organizations for one reason: Our data comes directly from the schools themselves.

*GradVerify is only available through XML integration or batch transactions and a signed contract is required. For pricing, please contact

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