TransitionVerify – Online Student Enrollment Verifications

t-iconManage Your Investment and Identify Opportunities

Companies often use student discounts and promotions to attract and build brand loyalty with consumers entering the marketplace. But how do you know when your student customers are no longer enrolled, ineligible for their current offers and ready to transition to other products and services?

The TransitionVerify Solution

TransitionVerify is an enrollment status verification service that provides the information you need to adjust your product/service offerings to your student customers based on their college enrollment status. Using TransitionVerify helps you ensure only eligible applicants receive your student discounts and identify when your student customers are ready to receive upgraded offers.

What TransitionVerify Includes

  • Prompt verification of student enrollment status
  • Unenrolled details provided: withdrawn, graduated, transferred, leave of absence
  • Coverage of nearly all U.S. postsecondary students

Why Put TransitionVerify to Work for You

  • Manage the ongoing discount eligibility of your student customers
  • Develop customer outreach strategies based on education status changes

*TransitionVerify is only available through batch transactions and a signed contract is required. For pricing, please contact