Use Education Reports to Partner with Your Clients in Finding Talent

Sep 3, 2019 | DegreeVerify Pending Requests, Education Verification Resources

Did You Know You Can Offer Your Clients Insights into the State of the Pipeline for Hiring in Any Industry?

Do your clients face challenges when it comes to finding talent?

With unique access to higher education data, the Clearinghouse can provide insights into the state of the pipeline for hiring in any industry and can help with data to locate the people developing the skills needed for success.

Whether you focus on health care, hospitality, or financial services — or any other industry — we can customize reports to provide the insights most needed by your top clients. Will they face challenges in hiring, or find a glut of candidates? Is the skills gap widening or narrowing? We can identify and analyze the significant trends that affect their industry.

How can education reports benefit you?

Offer reports as an add-on to increase the value of your services. Sharing higher education reports helps you add value to your client relationships by serving as their partner in finding and adding employees. Plus, establishing yourself as an industry thought leader gives new clients another reason to select you as their preferred screener.

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