Watch the “Future of Education and Verifying Credentials”

Dec 7, 2016 | Education Verification Resources, In the News

On June 28, 2016, the Clearinghouse and members of its Business Advisory Committee participated in a webinar called, “The Future of Education and Verifying Credentials.” During the webinar, participants discussed the new challenges and opportunities represented by the future of verifiable academic achievement. The discussion covered verification requirements for new and expanded types of education credentials, from military training and technical certifications to GEDs, diplomas, degrees, and more.

Jonell Sanchez, Vice President of Education Services at the National Student Clearinghouse, was joined in an informative discussion about the future of credentials verification by these Clearinghouse Business Advisory Committee members:

  • Kerstin Bagus, Director, Global Initiatives, ClearStar
  • John Davidson, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Research Division, CARCO Group, Inc.
  • Juliann Gonzalez, Senior Director, Global Procurement, First Advantage
  • Craig Caddell, Vice President, CRA Solutions, ClearStar

You can watch the recording of the one-hour webinar online.